Spinning records in Copenhagen

During our unforgettable Copenhagen adventure, we made a conscious choice to make the 25hours Hotel Indre By our home away from home.

It was a decision that took root after a delectable lunch at NOMA, a meal that left us inspired and eager to explore the city even further.

Our mission was clear: to delve into the city’s essence, particularly its charming boutiques and hidden gems, on the day following our remarkable NOMA experience. To immerse ourselves fully in the vibrant culture of this Scandinavian gem, we opted for a centrally located hotel in the heart of Copenhagen.

Coming of age – the journey from youth to adulthood has been a significant wellspring of creativity at 25 Hours Hotel Indre By, echoing the building’s past as a university. Passion, knowledge, art, and science, all pivotal in the life of a young adult, have guided the artistic vision of Swedish interior architect Martin Brudnizki. His craftsmanship has resulted in the creation of a vibrant and diverse sanctuary tailored for a colorful audience.

This 19th-century building, with a rich history as a porcelain factory and later a university building, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a truly unique hotel. Within its walls, art and knowledge coexist harmoniously, creating an atmosphere that is both inspiring and welcoming.

Nestled between the iconic Round Tower and the bustling Kobmagergade shopping street, this hotel boasts 243 rooms, ranging from cozy Medium Singles to spacious Gigantic suites, each thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of every traveler. Our stay here was not just accommodation; it was an integral part of our Copenhagen experience, leaving us with cherished memories of a vibrant city and an iconic hotel that felt like a work of art in itself.

As we explore the hotel, we stumbled upon delightful surprises like the Vinyl Room and the Love Library with the most inspiring book to read while enjoying a tasteful cappuccino. The hotels NENI restaurant and Café Duse both offer welcoming spaces where guests can come together to savor delectable cuisine and connect with one another.

We had the pleasure of staying in one of the large rooms during our visit, and it was truly a haven of comfort and relaxation, especially after a full day of exploring the vibrant city. What immediately struck me was the option to enjoy a view of the lively city below, which added an exciting urban touch to the experience.

The spaciousness of these rooms, measuring a generous 30 square meters, was a delightful surprise. It created a sense of openness and freedom, allowing me to unwind and take in the captivating works of art adorning the walls. The inclusion of pieces by prominent figures like Brahe and Darwin added a unique intellectual and cultural dimension to the room, making it feel like a mini art gallery in itself.

In the expansive wellness area, guests have access to Technogym training equipment, yoga mats, a rejuvenating power shower, and an outdoor sauna. These amenities ensure that guests can maintain their fitness routines or unwind after a day of exploration. Unfortunately our stay was too short to explore the wellness area. 

The hotel is enclosed by the picturesque lakes encircling the inner city and the bustling harbor. This historic core mirrors the city’s boundaries during the reign of King Christian IV (1577-1648) when it was fortified. Within this charming district, you’ll find the majority of Copenhagen’s museums and attractions. Notably, the renowned pedestrian shopping street, Strøget, traverses through it.

My tip for newcomers to the city, begin your exploration right here at the vibrant center and gradually venturing outward to explore the surrounding neighborhoods.



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