Creating SxY was far from an overnight endeavor; it was a transformative journey filled with intricacies and well-earned rewards.

Anouk, the visionary founder, immersed herself in the world of shoemaking, delving deep into the craft.

It took over 2.5 years of unwavering commitment, extensive research, expert guidance from orthopedic specialists, and countless fittings and measurements with women to develop the impeccable customized last that defines our brand.

As a new brand, SxY embraces the responsibility of sustainable production. That’s why our shoes are meticulously crafted from leftover leather. By repurposing these remnants, we actively reduce the demand for new leather and acknowledge the environmental impact of traditional leather tanning. While achieving 100% sustainability may pose challenges, our mission remains resolute—to do everything within our power to make a difference. We are devoted to ensuring everyone, from our skilled artisans to our cherished customers, feels comfortable and supported in their shoes.

At the core of SxY’s philosophy is a deep care for people. We envision a world where individuals can authentically express themselves, embracing their uniqueness and confidently traversing their chosen path. We strive to create a positive ripple effect in our community and the wider world we share by seamlessly intertwining our passion for craftsmanship, sustainability, and inclusivity.

What inspired Anouk to start Signed by You?

Anouk’s passion for personalized and meaningful shoes and her belief in the power of self-expression inspired her to create Signed by You. She wanted to offer unique and customizable shoes that allow individuals to showcase their individuality and capture particular styles.

What materials does Anouk use in her shoe designs?

Anouk works with high-quality leftover leather.

How does Anouk prioritize sustainability in her shoe production?

Sustainability is a core value for Anouk and Signed by You. Anouk takes responsibility for sustainable production by using leftover leather in her shoes. This approach minimizes the demand for new leather, contributing to environmental damage caused by leather tanning. Although achieving 100% sustainability may be challenging, Anouk’s mission is to do as much as possible to create a comfortable and environmentally conscious experience for everyone involved.

What does Signed by You believe in as a brand?

Signed by You believes in a world where everyone can be authentic. The brand values self-expression and individuality, fostering an environment where people can express their unique style and personality through personalized shoes. They prioritize sustainability and care for people, aiming to impact the world positively.

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