My 4 favorite winter fashion trends

These four winter  2023 trends are “my thing.” Anyone who follows my stories and fashion reels on Instagram regularly sees an outfit appear and will recognize one of these winter trends.

My fashion taste? Broad. I love many styles but have my preferences. Today, I highlight four trends that are right up my alley.

From sustainable fashion movements to innovative tech-infused designs, this year’s fashion trends blend tradition and innovation. I love how vintage fashion is increasingly combined with new, reused, re-furbished, and re-loved.

Elevated Power Dressing

This season, smart tailoring is at the forefront. Power dressing has received a subtle yet refined upgrade from impeccably tailored white shirts to business blazers in the season’s signature shade (grey, in case you were curious).


Rolex | Zara| Celine | Dior | Alexander McQueen | GH Bass | AndBloom 

Chic Simplicity

This season, we’re trading bold, vibrant colors for softer, more delicate shades. Think lemon, lilac, and pastel blue. To keep your look contemporary, pair shimmering silks with gold hardware, a la Loewe, for a touch of elegance and modernity.

Nike | Dinosaur Designs | Givenchy | Zara | Monki | Loewe

Leading the Class

Tap into your inner well-behaved sophistication with elegantly pleated skirts and impeccably buttoned cardigans that strike the perfect balance between prim and chic.

Bloobloom | Molly Goddard | Arket| Aspinal of London | Jimmy Choo | Miu Miu | Boden | Louise D

School Run Chic

Saving the Best for Last: ‘Haute Comforts,’ the Epitome of School Run Chic in 2023. Elevate Your Basics and Choose Timeless Wardrobe Staples to Achieve the Coveted ‘Effortless Morning Look.’

Adidas | vintage Louis Vutton | Hours | Burberry | Pandora | AndBloom | Zara | Dune

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