Masha Osoianu Design 

AndBloom welcomes Masha Osoianu Design—a distinctive collection of meticulously handcrafted attire and accessories born from the vibrant creativity of designer Masha Osoianu.

Each creation embodies ardor and precision, fashioned from the finest 100% silk fabrics and viscose yarns. Infused with our emblematic signature knit, every piece narrates a tale of unwavering commitment and expertise.

As a brand proudly owned by women, they uphold sustainability at the core of their ethos, embracing a philosophy of minimal waste and fervently advocating the principles of the slow fashion movement.

Masha Osoianu Design seamlessly melds timeless elegance with the designer’s iconic knitted touch, resulting in a fusion of classic silhouettes and audacious flair. This statement resonates with confidence and subtlety. Their designs are poised to empower the MOD woman, who fearlessly stands apart in any crowd, defying age constraints.

Their paramount objective is to proffer exceptional, premium choices to the fashion cognoscenti that transcend the industry’s transient fads. Masha Osoianu Design is a sanctuary for those who seek to embrace their individuality while donning exquisite, enduring pieces that transcend fleeting trends.

MOD places an unwavering emphasis on quality and authenticity, meticulously attending to even the minutest of details. From the original design conception to immaculate construction, silk fabrics, hand-finished intricacies, and hand-knitting artistry ensure excellence in every facet.

Their creations come to life in limited quantities, embodying the essence of slow fashion while standing as a proud beacon of sustainability and minimal waste practices.

During a global pandemic, Masha harnessed her innovative spirit to bring forth a longstanding aspiration—creating distinctive handbags. Unveiling an exquisite assortment of silk clutches and bags, each adorned with a front detail meticulously hand-knitted using luxurious silky viscose yarn. Operating on a small scale and meticulously handling each piece individually, their commitment to a minimum-waste ethos remains resolute.


What sets Masha Osoianu Design apart from other fashion brands?

Masha Osoianu Design stands out due to its unwavering commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with attention to minor details, combining original design, silk fabrics, and hand-knitted elements. Our brand’s focus on slow fashion and minimal waste practices further distinguishes us in the industry.

How does Masha Osoianu Design ensure sustainability in its creations?

Sustainability is at the heart of Masha Osoianu Design. We craft our apparel and accessories in small quantities to ensure exclusivity and minimize waste. Our use of silk fabrics, hand-finishing, and hand-knitting techniques contributes to the longevity of our pieces. This commitment to sustainability extends to our elegant collection of silk clutches and bags, where each piece features meticulous hand-knit front details.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the hand-knitted front details on the silk clutches and bags?

The hand-knitted front details on our silk clutches and bags result from Masha Osoianu’s innovative vision. During the challenges posed by the global pandemic, she realized her longstanding aspiration to create unique handbags. The intricate hand-knitted designs using silky viscose yarn showcase artistry and add an exquisite touch to our accessories collection.

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