Kathleen, the radiant force behind Kath-a-porter, is a visionary creator whose passion for fashion knows no bounds.

Kath is a true creative visionary with a deep-rooted passion for color and concepts in fashion. With over two decades of experience as a color and concept manager in an international fashion company, Kathleen decided it was time for a change.

She was no longer content with the regular fashion industry and embarked on a new and exciting journey. Devoted to her love for color and concept, Kathleen now channels her creativity into assembling captivating monthly color stories.

Her approach is environmentally conscious and fashion-forward, as she carefully selects deadstock, reworked vintage pieces, and pre-loved branded items. The goal is not to create anything new but to reimagine and present the existing in fresh and exhilarating perspectives.

Kathleen’s unique vision breathes new life into pre-loved fashion, encouraging us to see the beauty and potential in what already exists. Through her artful curation, she showcases the artistry of colors and the magic of concepts, creating a harmonious blend of style and sustainability.

Her dedication to giving new life to pre-loved fashion items speaks to her commitment to ethical and mindful fashion practices. Kathleen’s work inspires us to be conscious consumers and embrace the joy of fashion with a thoughtful and sustainable mindset.


As she crafts her color stories, Kathleen invites us to explore a world of vibrant hues, rich textures, and innovative pairings. Her creative prowess reminds us that fashion is not just about trends but a canvas for self-expression and artistry.

Join Kathleen on this transformative journey, where she proves that fashion can be a force for good while maintaining its allure and allure. With her unique approach and passion for the beauty of the existing, Kathleen is redefining how we perceive and embrace fashion, one color story at a time.


What is Kath-a-porter, and what distinguishes it from other vintage and pre-loved shops?

Kath-a-porter is a unique vintage and pre-loved shop and brand curated by Kathleen, a seasoned color and concept manager in the fashion industry. Kath-a-porter is focused on assembling monthly color stories with carefully selected deadstock, reworked vintage pieces, and pre-loved branded items. This approach creates a fresh and exciting perspective on fashion without creating anything new, promoting sustainability and creativity.

How does Kath-a-porter ensure the quality of its vintage and pre-loved items?

Kathleen takes great care in sourcing only the highest quality vintage and pre-loved items for Kath-a-porter. Each piece is meticulously inspected and curated to ensure it meets the brand’s standards of excellence and uniqueness. The aim is to offer customers one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that stand the test of time.

Can I find items from high-end fashion brands at Kath-a-porter?

Yes, absolutely! Kath-a-porter prides itself on offering a diverse range of pre-loved branded items from high-end fashion labels. The shop celebrates the beauty of these branded pieces while giving them a new and exciting lease of life through Kathleen’s creative color stories.

How does Kath-a-porter contribute to sustainable fashion practices?

Kath-a-porter is a staunch advocate of sustainable fashion practices. The brand significantly reduces its environmental impact by working exclusively with existing pieces and avoiding creating new items. The curated collections encourage conscious consumerism, promoting cherishing and embracing pre-loved fashion.

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