Hendrik Vibskov CPHFW

Attending Copenhagen Fashion Week as an “influencer” for the first time was a unique experience for me.

I prefer to describe myself as someone who inspires others, rather than using the term ‘influencer.’ That said, I was at CPHFW to inspire others with my presence, but most importantly, to be inspired myself.

I’m well-acquainted with fashion shows from my time as a model when I roamed between Milan, Paris, and London. I used to attend castings in high heels, hoping to be chosen by a designer to walk in their show. I loved the excitement and anticipation of those moments.

Now, 25 years later, I found myself at CPHFW for the first time in my life, but this time as an influencer.  NOTE: I started my beautiful journey into aging 5 years ago on Instagram to inspire women of all ages, transcending the boundaries of age and time. A different role, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly, knowing that my experiences in the fashion world can still be a source of inspiration for others.


Because time is scarce so, I decided to fly out on Wednesday morning, stay overnight for one night, and return on Thursday evening. Zoku Lofts offered me accommodation, and it’s truly a fantastic hotel. Plus, with such a short flight distance, it’s almost as convenient as taking a bus. You can reach Copenhagen from Amsterdam in just about an hour.


He continually charts his distinct course, channeling his creative brilliance into ventures that extend beyond the conventional confines of the fashion industry.


Henrik Vibskov

My agent arranged access to several shows I was eager to attend, including the one by Henrik Vibskov. Vibskov is a Danish fashion designer known for his innovative and avant-garde approach to fashion. With a career spanning over two decades, Vibskov has made a significant impact on the global fashion scene. His designs are characterized by their unique and unconventional aesthetic, often featuring bold patterns, intricate textures, and unexpected silhouettes.

Vibskov’s work is a fusion of art, design, and fashion, blurring the boundaries between these creative realms. He draws inspiration from various sources, including music, art, and cultural influences, resulting in collections that are both thought-provoking and visually striking.

Aside from his clothing lines, Henrik Vibskov has also ventured into other creative fields, such as music, where he has released albums and collaborated with musicians. His multidisciplinary approach to design has earned him a reputation as one of Denmark’s most prominent and influential designers, and his runway shows are eagerly anticipated events in the fashion world. Henrik Vibskov continues to push the boundaries of fashion, challenging conventions and inspiring fellow designers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The excitement at Henrik Vibskov’s show evoked the vibrant energy of a live concert, showcasing his innovative approach within the Copenhagen fashion scene. He continually charts his distinct course, channeling his creative brilliance into ventures that extend beyond the conventional confines of the fashion industry. His diverse talents were acknowledged with the esteemed “Kronprinsparrets Priser culture award” bestowed upon him at the close of the previous year, celebrating him as an outstanding designer who excels across multiple disciplines and fearlessly pushes their boundaries.

While Vibskov has maintained some signature silhouettes for the fall collection, his fabrics underwent more transformation than his basic shapes. As always, his fabric development was meticulous; some materials, like the chess game jacquard, drew inspiration from the collection’s overarching theme.

henrik vibskov

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