I work as a senior lecturer, consultant, and coach. Since I love to inspire, especially women, I started an Instagram account about fashion, lifestyle, traveling, and beauty.

Ever since I started this account, it opened a new world. It opened new perspectives to the world. Whether you like it or not, Instagram can be an inspirational platform.


A few years ago, I broke my spine. Sometimes I tend to forget that I cannot do everything. My mind and soul are more vital than my body. The good thing is that my body warns me when I am too busy, hasty, or enthusiastic.

I love to walk in nature and visit musea to see contemporary or classic art, preferably with my husband or a friend. I am also very interested in the art of photography. In my spare time, I love to travel, meet other people, food, and culture, and inhale new environments. The energy it gives to me is so worthwhile!

Fantasizing about the future, I hope I’ll become a grandmother.


Fantasizing about the future, I hope I’ll become a grandmother. A grandmother that radiates that life is fun. Also, she bakes apple pies and quietly enjoys her family at a large kitchen table.  Who knows: a fantasy could become a reality one day.

You can find Diana (59) on Instagram.
Styling Dayenne Bekker.

This community originated from my love for photography, fashion, lifestyle, and consciousness. After I turned 40 I started to miss inspiring websites with coolness and authenticity towards aging.