Comptoir 102: A delightful small cafe and boutique focusing on wellness.

Comptoir 102 is an absolute must-visit establishment for me in Dubai. My friend Sabrina, a local at the time, first introduced me to it but has since relocated to the Netherlands.

Ever since she invited me for lunch at Comptoir’s restaurant, it has become a place I frequent every time I visit Dubai.

It derives its name from its location at 102 Beach Road, and this inviting cafe and boutique concept offers an exceptional array of delectable and nutritious dishes. Nestled within a quaint, white villa just a short stroll from the pristine Jumeirah beach in Dubai, it provides an unparalleled dining experience.

Comptoir 102’s menu regularly changes to align with seasonal produce like any exceptional restaurant in the’ healthy’ category. However, there are a few steadfast items that I wholeheartedly recommend. One standout is the seaweed pesto, featuring their renowned guacamole loaded with vitamin E, raw linseed crackers packed with omega 3, and detoxifying, remineralizing seaweed.

My favorites include the Choco Millet Porridge and their perfect pumpkin toast. And for coffee enthusiasts like myself, you’ll find an excellent selection of coffees, various milk options, and homemade nut milk. They also boast an extensive list of equally potent juices and smoothies, almost as long as the road this hotspot sits on.

Comptoir 102 is more than just a store; it’s a destination celebrated for excellence in multiple realms. It proudly holds the title of “Best Furniture Store” by Harper’s Bazaar and has been recognized with the prestigious “What’s On Award” for being the best Healthy Restaurant in Dubai. Vogue has also hailed it as one of the top 9 global destinations for its exceptional jewelry selection.

This unique establishment embraces the fusion of beautiful craftsmanship and design, seamlessly blending the bohemian charm of comfort with a trendy and unconventional flair. Comptoir 102 is a treasure trove of serendipitous discoveries from around the world and exclusive collaborations with beloved designers spanning the realms of fashion, jewelry, and home décor. This distinctive blend lies at the heart of Comptoir 102’s unmatched and inimitable style.

What is Comptoir 102 known for?

Comptoir 102 is renowned for its unique blend of a cafe, boutique, and furniture store, offering healthy dining options, stylish furniture, and a curated selection of fashion and jewelry.

What are the must-try dishes at Comptoir 102’s restaurant?

Visitors often ask about the standout dishes on the restaurant’s menu, such as the seaweed pesto, buckwheat pancakes, chocolate porridge, and other healthy and delicious options.

Can I purchase the furniture and décor items displayed in the store?

Many patrons are interested in whether they can buy the furniture and home décor items they see in the store, and if so, what the purchasing process entails.

Are reservations required to dine at Comptoir 102?

Guests frequently inquire about whether reservations are necessary to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, especially during busy times, and how they can make a reservation if needed.

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