Allison Rietta

Allison Rietta, born in 1969, is an abstract painter in Toronto, Canada.

With a focus on watercolors and acrylics, she creates vibrant paintings and collages that delve into mystic geometry, symbols, and patterns.

Drawing inspiration from her background as a graphic designer for over 23 years and her spiritual practices of meditation and sound, Allison infuses her artwork with a unique blend of artistic expertise and inner exploration.

Having grown up in Toronto and lived and worked in Germany, Italy, and the UK, she brings a diverse range of experiences to her creative process.

Her work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and New York, gaining recognition for her distinctive style. Notably, three of her abstract watercolor paintings were featured in the esteemed British Vogue’s ‘Vogue Gallery’s print issues from March to May 2022.

Furthermore, Allison’s artistic achievements were recently acknowledged as she was longlisted for the non-representational category in the prestigious Jackson’s Painting Prize.


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