Dayenne Bekker is a talented fashion stylist born in the Caribbean and now based in Amsterdam.

Her creative journey led her to become the designer and creative director of the sweater and jewelry brand 74th Avenue.

With a deep affection for crew neck sweaters, jewelry, and accessories, Dayenne believes everyone can look fabulous in a shirt styled with the right flair. Her sweaters are designed to be inclusive, embracing individuals of all sizes and genders.

The idea for 74th Avenue took shape during her inspiring trips to vibrant cities like NYC and LA. As a stylist juggling a busy schedule, it was the Covid19 lockdown that provided the much-needed time to bring her creative vision to life.

For Dayenne, making the most of challenging times is essential. During the lockdown, she fearlessly launched her small business, seizing the opportunity to explore her creativity.

What sets 74th Avenue apart is the meticulous hand-crafted touch Dayenne brings to each piece. She adds unique designs to the sweaters using special shiny material, ensuring that no two creations are alike.

In Dayenne Bekker and 74th Avenue, every sweater becomes a distinctive work of art, offering individuals a unique expression of style and identity.


Who is Dayenne Bekker, and what is her role at 74th Avenue?

Dayenne Bekker is the founder, designer, and creative director of 74th Avenue. She is a talented fashion stylist passionate about crew neck sweaters, jewelry, and accessories.

What inspired Dayenne to start 74th Avenue?

The inspiration for 74th Avenue came from her trips to vibrant cities like NYC and LA. Dayenne’s desire to explore her creativity and start a small business led to the birth of 74th Avenue.

What makes 74th Avenue sweaters unique?

Each sweater from 74th Avenue is hand-crafted with unique shiny material, giving them a distinct feel. Dayenne’s personalized designs ensure that no two sweaters are alike, making them one-of-a-kind pieces.

Are 74th Avenue sweaters inclusive for all sizes and genders?

Absolutely! Dayenne believes that everyone can look great in a sweater when styled right. Her sweaters are designed to be inclusive, catering to individuals of all sizes and genders.

How did the Covid19 lockdown impact 74th Avenue’s creation?

During the lockdown, Dayenne used the time to start her small business, turning challenging times into an opportunity to unleash her creativity and bring 74th Avenue to life.

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